Why I Am Waiting To Buy a Sony PS Vita

Ed Steele March 22, 2012 Comments Off on Why I Am Waiting To Buy a Sony PS Vita
Why I Am Waiting To Buy a Sony PS Vita

Were you one of the first 1.2 million people to purchase a Playstation Vita? While I’m glad to see another successful handheld enter the market I am holding off on purchasing the Vita for one simple reason: special edition. Looking back on my PSP System purchase history, I’ve owned a PSP-1000 purchased at launch, an imported ceramic white PSP-1000, a red God of War PSP-2000, and lastly a [amazon_link id=”B003QN5ZTE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Big Boss Camo Green PSP-3000[/amazon_link]. Out of all of those systems, the Big Boss Camo PSP is easily my favorite out of all of them for its unusual look and style. Now with all that in consideration, why would I jump the gun now and purchase a “piano black” Vita that will inevitably get replaced with a yet-to-be-released special edition Vita? Here’s an idea for you, Sony: start out with a limited edition kick-ass color, pattern, design, or movie tie-in for your next system launch. Hardened early adopters like me would be more likely to purchase your latest and greatest instead of waiting for the right special edition system to be released if only a limited number of a special edition system was released at launch . (In a parallel universe, Sony released a TRON-styled PS Vita with glowing blue trim at launch and my alter-universe self owns three of them.)

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