Promising New Gadgets for 2021

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Promising New Gadgets for 2021


Despite the pandemic, science and technology continue to move forward at lightning-fast speeds. It can move so fast that keeping track of the latest gadgets, devices and innovations each year can be a bit overwhelming. The good thing is our team has taken on that chore to bring you this list of the most exciting and promising gadgets of the year 2021. Whether you’re looking to gaze at the stars, a loud sound system for your man-cave or even an effective hair-straightener, this list has it all!

1) Vaonis Vespera smart telescope

Yes, the concept of a telescope that doesn’t have an eyepiece may sound weird but therein lies the beauty of the Vespera as it seeks to make stargazing easier and less tedious. What the Vespera has is a scope that captures images and then sends a live view to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This means you can just place the Vespera outside and gaze at the night sky from the comfort of your couch or bed.

2) Sonos Arc soundbar

In a market that is saturated with soundbars, there are very few that provide the right balance of features, sleek design, convenience and of course, performance, than the Sonos Arc. With the company’s very first Atmos soundbar, you’ll fall in love with this device and the superb sound that it brings, no matter what it is you’re watching. If it’s a movie or a TV show, you’ll be amazed by the incredible clarity of the dialogue, fullness of the bass and the noticeable detail that you will hear across the frequency range.

3) Withing ScanWatch

Research has shown that fitness watches provide a great deal of assistance in your fitness journey. To that end, Withings can help with their brand-new, fitness tracking watch called the ScanWatch. If you can look past the traditional clock face, you’ll see a bevy of innovations like a medical-grade ECG as well as an oximeter that can take readings of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

It also has automatic activity detection capabilities that will notice what kind of exercise you’re undertaking. For example, if you’re running or biking, it will activate the GPS to log in to the routes that you’re taking for apps such as Strava.

4) Oral B IO toothbrush

Although the idea of a toothbrush that winks at you while you’re putting it inside your mouth may sound weird, there’s no denying that the Oral B IO toothbrush packs quite a punch in the fight against plaque and tooth decay. It’s armed to the teeth with an incredible amount of features such as sensors that monitor the brush’s movement inside your mouth and let you know which areas you’ve missed.

5) Grado GT220 wireless earbuds

Producing great earphones is a tricky task. But the good folks over at Grado Labs have seemingly pulled this off with the GT220 wireless earbuds. With these earbuds, you can make the most out of your music as they can handle bassy beats as well as soft vocals. One of the reasons why the GT220 work so seamlessly is its size. You can simply twist these in place and they will comfortably stay in place for hours. You can also enjoy six hours of listening time and other nifty features like wireless charging and some amount of waterproofing.

6) Arlo video doorbell

If you need a well-made, high-quality smart doorbell that has premium features while also being reasonably priced, Arlo’s Video Doorbell is an intriguing choice. It’s best feature is its ability to tell the difference between people, animals, vehicles and packages. It will also only send you notifications of things you need to be alerted to. This means an alert won’t bother you every time a strong gust of wind passes through the patio.

7) EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

The EZVIZ C3N security camera is as sturdy as they come. Even though it’s only as small as a tennis ball, it is well built and can stand up to the elements, whether it’s hail, rain, storms or even extreme heat. It can be installed fairly easily so long as you have access to a drill. The EZVIZ app is also user-friendly and you can easily save footage from the camera straight to your smartphone through the app itself.

8) NowLight self-powered lamp

One of the most pressing concerns whenever you go camping is your gadgets running out of power. Rather than fill your bag up with plenty of batteries, you can just bring the NowLight, which is a hand-cranked instant charger that also doubles as a 160-lumen lamp, which is more than enough to light up a wide area whenever the campfire dies out.

9) Meeting Owl Pro video conference camera

The Meeting Owl Pro is a nifty device that you and others — whether they’re in the office or just at home — will enjoy using for meetings. If you’re at home, the Meeting Owl Pro has a 360-degree, 1080p camera that offers crystal clear video and audio so you don’t miss a single detail or discussion. It also has an Owl Intelligence System that features an auto-focus capability that hones in on whoever it is that’s speaking. For those in the room, the Owl Meeting Pro has powerful speakers that makes sure everything is heard loud and clear.

10) Ember Mug2 and Travel Mug²

How many times has your cup of coffee or tea gone cold simply because it was too hot at first and you forgot all about it? The Ember Mug2 will help keep you from forgetting your hot cup as it connects to your smartphone and then, lets you know via notification whenever your brew has reached your ideal temperature. There’s also a heating apparatus at the bottom of the mug that will keep it warm until you have savored every last drop of it.

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