Gadgets for the New Hybrid Home Office

GadgetMadness March 12, 2021 Comments Off on Gadgets for the New Hybrid Home Office
Gadgets for the New Hybrid Home Office


With all of us spending time in our home offices, it’s natural to want to make it more comfortable and convenient. By now, we are finding ways we can greatly improve our working-from-home environments. 

Some of us do very well working from home, relaxed and productive. Others find too many distractions. But, we can all get lazy, stressed, and sidetracked. Thankfully, technology can help.

Gadgets to Make Life More Zen

We can still get stressed working at home. In particular, with everyone staying home, you may have too many people in the house, outside noise and traffic, or simply too many demands on your time. 

Essential Oils Diffuser

Why not add a bit of humidity with your favorite essential oils? It not only adds a bit of humidity to the air, which helps you breathe, helps with dry or itchy skin, and itchy eyes, but the aromatherapy is fantastic. 

Enjoy the mist stream with your favorite scents and you can find some of them that look like art. Some are stone, some have lights, some are big, others are compact, so you can find the perfect size for your home office.

Water Fountain

These small tabletop water fountains bring all the Zen you need to your home office. Any of them are spectacular to look at and the constant trickling water is very calming and relaxing. 

They are very easy to install and use. They act as a humidifier, they are very low maintenance, and they improve the air quality of the room. Relax, enjoy the calming ambient sounds of water, and let the water take your stress away.

On The Air

Video conferencing, online line chatting, and virtual birthday parties and pub nights have become our way of working and socializing. You want to look and sound great.

Lights, Camera, and Sound

Your regular lighting may be too harsh, not bright enough, or making you look like you are in a hostage video. The type of camera you use and having a good mic are important.


Your laptop camera might be fine for chatting with your friends and family, but you may want to step it up a bit when dealing with work. If you are talking to clients, teaching a class, or in a meeting, the webcam can make a world of difference.

They also have other features like, the option to pan and tilt, sensors that can detect movement and start recording. Or like in the case of this Logitech C930e, it also provides a 90-degree lens, which enables you to capture a whole conference room.

Ring Lights

The ring light provides a directional light source to illuminate all your awesome features for everyone at the all-hands or for all the hands at the movie night. You should pick one of these up, if you want to maintain a consistent and luminous exposure while on cam.

They say that using a ring light can even make you look better while on cam. I’m gonna need to pick up a few…

Headphones & Earbuds

Whether you need them for keeping out the noise, listening to music, a podcast, or if you spend a lot of time talking online to customers, there are plenty to choose from.

There are many great features to look for when shopping for these, such as water resistance, charge time, look and feel, there is one feature that is a must if working from home.


Cut out all the background noise that people find so distracting. Kids, appliance noises, outside traffic or construction, and gardeners, letting you listen to what you need to without having to crank up the volume inside the headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

On-Air Light

Not something most people would have thought of buying for a home office a year ago, but here we are and we need to be able to tell our family that we are on a conference call without having to mute and disable the video. One of these will save the day. Depending on the color you use, it can be like having a police car in your room. So for that, just pulled over I hate the world look on any call, switch the color to red.

Home Office, Made Easy

This is not something most planned on doing, and many have limited space for their home office set-ups. If you are trying to work with kids in the house or construction next door, you fully understand the need for gadgets that will make life a little easier and frankly get some Zen into the hectic lives we lead.

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