New iPods for 2008 – 4th Gen Nano

Ed Steele September 11, 2008 1

By now you’ve heard the news that Apple has released their new iPod nanos for 2008 and they’ve added some fairly impressive and fun features. The new nanos now have a “shake” feature (first seen in the Sandisk Sansa Shaker) which randomly chooses a new song each time you shake your nano. The displays are improved sporting a 2 inch widescreen with 320×240 resolution at 204 pixels, and there are two models to choose from: 8GB or 16GB. Spoken menus allow you to hear the name of the menu, song title, and artists without viewing the screen which means you can operate your nano without ever having to look at the screen. In ear headphones with microphone (sold seperately) will enable voice recording, and the new nano has a rounded case which (we assume) will make it easier to hold in the hand. Overall we’re kinda impressed by these new nanos, however with Samsung’s P2 and Y10 players sporting built-in Bluetooth connectivity and the Zune’s wireless feature we’re a little confused why Apple isn’t untethering ALL their players and allowing for better unwired connectivity and accessory options.

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  1. Devicepedia September 26, 2008 at 5:33 am -

    Wow! its a great news for all of us.