Review: FOOSH Energy Mints and BUZZ BITES Chocolate Energy Chews

Ed Steele October 8, 2004 1

VROOM Foods makes two “seriously caffeinated” energy candies, Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews and FOOSH Energy Mints. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve consumed almost every caffeinated product in existence and when I saw VROOM’s claims about their mints/chews I was skeptical. Just one little Buzz Bite has as much caffeine as 1.25 cans of Red Bull? “That’s just insane, and probably a gross exaggeration!” I thought. So I popped two Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews in my mouth and a few seconds later the top of my head popped right off and started dancing around on the floor in front of me like a spinning quarter.

No kidding – these candies and mints aren’t screwing around. I tend to rate caffeinated beverages and foods by three criteria: Taste, Concentration of Caffeine, and ZOOM Factor.
Buzz Bites have a dark and rich chocolate taste, almost like chocolate syrup from the can. They are smooth and deceptively creamy. It’s almost natural instinct to want to pop another in your mouth like I did, but I recommend waiting a few minutes before you do. Just one tiny Buzz Bite really does have about the same amount of caffeine as a Red Bull. The ZOOM Factor on these candies is amazing – it literally felt like a rocket taking off in my head.
FOOSH Mints have the exact same effect as the Buzz Bites, but are sugar-free peppermint mints. They have a strong peppermint flavor and are really quite good for being sugar-free, with very little artificial sweetener aftertaste.
For a hardcore caffeine looney like me, Buzz Bites and FOOSH Mints are a real treat. Just be warned – the rocket blast of java power is unlike any other caffeine mint or candy you have ever tried before. Highly recommended – for those who can handle them. (Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to see about re-attaching the top of my head.)

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  1. Bob October 10, 2004 at 6:10 pm -

    I’ve had these products too and I do agree that this product REALLY does its job! I used to drink alot of soda, but since I’m always on the road for my job, I can’t take bathroom breaks. Thus, a friend recommended the Foosh energy mints and since then, I’m hooked! It really has a good mint flavor. I’m going to order the chocolate chews soon and see if I like those too.