Ultimate Tool Box Holds 230 Professional Quality Tools

Ed Steele September 24, 2007 1

They say you can judge a man by the size of his toolbox. The Mobile Shop from Sharper Image enhances your macho by about a zillion percent with its 230 professional-quality tools and over 180 critical small parts – over 4,000 pieces total are included with the cart! The Mobile Shop rolls on wheels and casters and all tools can be inventoried in only 30 seconds. Just need a certain subsection of tools? The Mobile Shop breaks down into four sections for easy grab-and-go, and all tools and parts are labeled. Arr arr arr!
Sharper Image

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  1. Jim September 26, 2007 at 6:16 pm -

    This thing has to be seen to be believed, absolutely ingenious. Everything you could ever need to do most any job immediately at your fingertips. It is a pleasure to own. Check out the web site. http://www.mobile-shop.com