Master Chief Halo 3 Replica Costume With Helmet Sells For $21,149 on eBay

Ed Steele September 22, 2007 Comments Off

Remember the Halo 3 custom costume that was up for auction on eBay? Bidding finally closed, and the lucky chap who made the famous suit walked away with $21,149. (That’s the same price as a car.) His homemade Master Chief armor was constructed from very tough Urethane Plastic and according to the maker “You could probably pound in a nail with your forearm if you wanted to.”
So who’s the lucky winner of the suit you may ask? directsalesprice, whose eBay profile lists him as being in Canada. directsalesprice’s one auction up on eBay is for “Real Visitors 10,000 Unique People to your site 3 Days.” Okay cool, but if I win will one of those people be wearing the suit?
Video of the guy who made the Spartan Armor wearing it and robbing a GameStop after the jump.

Halo 3 Suit on eBay
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