Cap Blaster Blowgun Scares Coworkers Into Saying *BLEEP*

Ed Steele September 14, 2007 Comments Off on Cap Blaster Blowgun Scares Coworkers Into Saying *BLEEP*

Most of us don’t really work in offices where cap-powered blowguns would be allowed. Depending on the size of your company and HR department, it’s quite likely you’ll be escorted away by Homeland Security officers to never be seen again if you use one of these in your place of business. However if the urge to cause trouble by firing off a foam suction dart with a cap payload at that annoying receptionist is too great for you to resist, ThinkGeek’s got the office toy for you.
Of course this blowgun will work well for frightening family members too; always good to keep one’s options open when it comes to scaring the beejeebus out of people, yeah?

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