Review: The Slanket ( Forget The Electric Blanket )

Ed Steele December 12, 2006 4

I’ve got a very bad review habit. You see when I review a product, I don’t just try it out and then write a quick fluffy blurb about it. When I review a product I live the product, breathe the product, become the product. The good folks over at sent me a warm comfy Slanket to review quite some time ago. (In all fairness it was kinda warm outside when they sent it to me, but that’s still no excuse.)
So what is a “Slanket?” It’s a big soft warm comfy blanket with sleeves that you literally wear while you’re on the couch playing video games, watching TV, or working on your blog. A recent situation made it such that I had to sleep in my living room for over a month. I thought that would be an excellent time to give the Slanket a spin.
After 35 days of using the Slanket for my sleeping blanket I came to this conclusion: the Slanket is the most comfortable, softest, warmest, and best engineered blanket ever made. It stays soft after washing without fabric softener, and even on the coldest night the Slanket kept me (and my cat) super toasty warm. (My new Sith Lord name is “Darth Toasty.”)
The only thing I would change about the Slanket is to add some velcro on the back edges so you could wrap yourself up and velcro yourself in. Since most people won’t be using the Slanket to sleep in like I did this won’t be such a big deal for most. Oh, and now that I think about it I’d also put a big pocket on the chest so I could have a good place to put my TV remotes.
I love this product. If you get cold, sit on couches, or like the softest things ever then you’ll love The Slanket too.
Forget The Electric Blanket – Get The Slanket!

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  1. Minox May 2, 2008 at 5:12 pm -

    What kind of goggle/glasses are those?? They’re AWESOME

  2. Ed June 12, 2008 at 2:03 pm -

    They are Oakley “Over The Top” sunglasses. Wired Magazine rated them as one of the top worst gadgets of all time, but we think they are awesome too!

  3. Monica December 11, 2008 at 10:28 pm -

    A “situation”? Elaborate, please!

  4. Monica December 11, 2008 at 10:32 pm -

    Was the cat also involved in said “situation”?