Swann Mobile Viewer Handheld Video Sniffer

Ed Steele June 6, 2006 Comments Off on Swann Mobile Viewer Handheld Video Sniffer

Way back when, over three years ago in fact we posted about a DIY video sniffer. Have a look at this beast:

THEN: DIY Video Sniffer

NOW: Swann Mobile Viewer

Time sure flies! Fast forward to today and you have the Swann Mobile Viewer which is a handheld color TFT monitor that also happens to pick up signals from four 2.4GHz cameras channels from 330 feet way. The color screen runs at 480×234 resolution and the rechargeable battery charges up while docked in its cradle. Did we mention it also picks up audio? (For the DIY’ers out there, we’ve included a link to Kevin Rose’s Warspying device “How To” on Revision3.)
Swann Mobile Viewer on Amazon
Swan Mobile Viewer Product Page
Revision3: Building a War Spying Box Today

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