Review: RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase

Ed Steele March 5, 2006 Comments Off on Review: RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase

RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase
Believe it or not, the iPod Nano was my very first iPod ever. I knew the pitfalls of the overly scratch-sensitive screen before I made my purchase, but thought I’d be all maverick about it and use my Nano without a protective case. I really wish now that I’d had the Nano HardCase from RhinoSkin at the time to protect my Nano and keep it scratch free. (FYI – no actual rhinos were harmed during the course of this review.)

What’s in the Box?

RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase
Included in the package is one RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase, one lanyard cable, instructions, and a free STUFFBACK label.

What’s Good About It?

RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase
Like the recently reviewed RhinoSkin iPod Video HardCase, the Nano HardCase is made from 100% lightweight aluminium and has a shatter resistant polycarbonate front that allows for full access to wheel and screen. The belt clip can be removed if you so desire by unscrewing the bolt connector that keeps it in place. One thing you’ll notice about the belt clip is that it appears to be on wrong – while clipped to your belt the Nano is actually upside down. After you puzzle over this for a bit like I did you’ll see this makes sense and is good design – the headphone jack for the Nano is on the bottom. Placing the belt clip this way keeps your headphone cable from looping and pulling your headphones out of your ears. (This also explains why the lanyard loop is on the bottom as well.) The rubberized grips provide a nice tactile surface to hold, and the aluminum case is very scratch resistant and cool to the touch. I ran into a problem getting certain cables connected to my iPod Video while in the RhinoSkin case in my previous review, but was able to get any manner of accessory and cable connected to the Nano while in its hardcase with no problems whatsoever.
The free StuffBak label security label that comes with the HardCase has a unique identifier that the user must register to activate. Once activated your protection begins immediately, and should a kind soul find your lost iPod and check the website, they are offered a $20 reward plus any additional reward you specify. You pay nothing until someone declares your item as found, then it’s only $14.95 plus shipping to get your gear back.

Whoop, there it is!

RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase

What Could Be Improved?

RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase
Unlike the detachable belt clip system that came with the HardCase Video, the belt clip that comes with the Nano HardCase is a curved piece of solid aluminum. It can be removed just like the belt clip that came with the HardCase Video, but I found that while using it the Nano had the tendency to slide around on my belt. I would have prefered to see the same style belt clip that came with the video version of this case, however since I tend to remove belt clips from cases and not use them this is a minor thing.

GadgetMadness Verdict: Protect Your iPod Nano from Nuclear Attack

I’ve tried a number of cases for all my iPods, and hands-down RhinoSkin has the best for my taste. If you are in the market for protecting your iPod investment from the dreaded scratch-effect they are so prone to, RhinoSkin is the best case for the job.
More Photos: RhinoSkin iPod Nano HardCase Image Gallery
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