GUI GUI Gum drops!

Ed Steele January 10, 2006 Comments Off on GUI GUI Gum drops!

Listeners to the podcast PowerUser.TV got some interesting news in the recent podcast. An interview with Microsoft Windows Vista developers confirmed that the new GUI in Vista will be that glassy look we’ve come to love, Aero Glass. The podcast is here and WinSuperSite has posted screenshots of the GUI as it will look in Vista here and here.
But wait, there’s more! From the floor… on the door? what’s all the rhyming for? I’m not sure what for, but for sure you’ll like what Google has in store! The floor of CES has brought forth some interesting snapshots of the new Google Talk. Google is expected to release a new version soon which will have buddy icon ability and will be interoperable with AOL’s AIM service (see photos here). Aha! That’s why they bought a big stake in AOL, EEEHH! Wrong answer, Google was probably manipulated into that by AOL but the partnership should end up being mutually beneficial as Google gets exposure on AOL and AOL users can communicate with Google Talk users and some day maybe we’ll have world peace between the IM giants. Everybody now, get out your lighters and start singing “we are the world”. OK, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, we’re in for an interesting 2006 with pretty cool GUIfications.

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