Review: DiscHub CD and DVD Innovative Disc Holder (Death Star Beam optional)

Ed Steele December 16, 2004 1

The DiscHub is an innovative disc storage concept designed by Alex de Rouvray and Jonathan Bruck. First conceived by Alex in 2001 for his senior Product Design project at Stanford University, the DiscHub disc holder is based around the simple idea that you regularly use a few CD’s and would like to keep them ready at hand near your computer and not stored in a case somewhere. The DiscHub also makes for a great way to roast 11 CD’s at once in your microwave, if you are so inclined to do so.

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Front View – Storm Trooper DiscHub


DiscHub Specs

  • Simple, elegant, compact. Never stack your discs again!
  • Easily handle all of your discs: off-set slots provide accessibility and visibility
  • Holds 11 discs safely and securely
  • Soft neoprene membrane

Front View – See Through DiscHub


Rear View – See Through DiscHub


What’s in the Box?

We were sent two DiscHub’s to review, one in “See Through” and the other in “Storm Trooper” color. Our shipment arrived safely and in one piece, just the way Lord Vader likes it.

What’s Good About It?

The DiscHub units we were sent are made of sturdy, durable plastic and the soft neoprene membranes really grip your discs tight to hold them in place. We tried shaking our discs free while holding the DiscHub upside down (while chanting “Tatooine…Tatooine…” backwards) and nary a single disc blinked nor budged a millimeter. Nice. We also tried repeatedly removing and re-inserting our discs to see if the neoprene membranes would tear, rip, or break and they did not.
The Force is strong with this one.
We found it easy to find a disc and remove it from its sleeve, and just as easy to reinsert a disc.

Compatible with both Windows & Macintosh Systems! (Duh!)


What Could Be Improved?

We thought long and hard about this, and other than installing a beam into the DiscHub that can destroy worlds we could only come up with two ideas to improve on it (the next time your homeworld gets vaporized by a DiscHub don’t blame us ok?)
1) The bottom of the DiscHub is smooth plastic, which allowed for major slippage across smooth surfaces like our glass table. We would like to see some type of grip strip across the tops of the V to hold the DiscHub in place on a slick desk.
2) Add a USB cable and make that sucker light up like a USB Christmas tree. We loved the look of the “See Through” DiscHub but we kept expecting it to light up on its own, and it didn’t. No matter how much we blasted Dark Force beams at it. Every recent PC accessory we’ve come across lights up via USB power, and we think the DiscHub should follow suit.
We love the DiscHub, it’s a brilliant idea no matter how you look at it. After using ours for a few days, we found that we had a hard time putting our most often used discs back into their cases….
Storm Trooper DiscHub: These aren’t the discs you’re looking for.
CD Case: These aren’t the discs we’re looking for.
Storm Trooper DiscHub: They can go about their business.
CD Case: They can go about their business.
Storm Trooper DiscHub: Move along.
CD Case: Move along… move along.

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“Hey…he say you Brade Runnah!”


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  1. birq December 16, 2004 at 10:13 pm -

    Where can I get a copy of that Simple Nothing CD? That band rocks.