Nokia Kaleidoscope I

Ed Steele April 6, 2004 Comments Off on Nokia Kaleidoscope I

“This handy device lets you upload digital images and carry them like a photo album or mini-gallery. Only one person can see the screen at a time, so you can share an inspiration or experience with a friend or colleague in confidence.”
– Digital image display for leisure or professional use
– Carry your images with you
– Virtual 32,768-color display
– Stores up to 24 images at a time
– Use compatible MMC cards for extra memory
– Infrared connection for wireless image transfer
On the one hand, we love Nokia’s obvious desire to innovate and create products that stretch consumers preconceived notions of how technology can and should be used in everyday life. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves: “WHAT are they thinking?”
Nokia – Nokia Kaleidoscope I

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