Portable Power You Can Count On

Gene Kupfer June 28, 2018 Comments Off on Portable Power You Can Count On
Portable Power You Can Count On

If you regularly find yourself wondering where you can get some portable juice on the go for your smartphone, tablet or any portable device, you have to check out the mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery Charger. If you are okay with it’s slightly bulkier size than one would like, this is portable power you need.

mophie portable charger

I’ve been using it  for about a year and I never take long trips without it. Fully charged it can provide at least 4 full charges. I do want to point out that like any battery powered device, the full capacity decreases over time. However, unlike many other such devices that I’ve tried, this one hasn’t lost much of it’s capacity in the year I’ve had it. If you have an inductive charge capable device, it supports it, just make sure it supports your specific one. I first used it with my Galaxy S8 and for the last few months with my Galaxy S9 plus. It doesn’t offer the turbo charge support that Samsung devices are capable of, but it’s a fair trade-off if you ask me, to get so much power in your go bag. It also supports traditional wired charging as well.

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