Masione Bluetooth Earbuds

Gene Kupfer August 25, 2015 Comments Off on Masione Bluetooth Earbuds
Masione Bluetooth Earbuds
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We recently received a pair of these for review and after using them for a couple days, I am very impressed with these and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wireless, comfortable with great sound quality earbuds. Check out the review, below.

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Design: Elegant silver on black design gives them a pricey appearance without the extra cost

Sound Quality: Excellent. I did not notice any distortion at the highest volume and they produce great highs and lows.

Comfort: They are light and offer a very snug fit in the ear canal and they do not fall out with regular wear. During a workout I only had to occasionally re-adjust them and only while running at a fast pace. They come with a variety of attachments that should get these into just about any ear.

Built-in mic: The noise cancellation is very good. Driving with the window open, I was still able to have a conversation and the noise only starts to marginally interfere at highway speeds with an open window.

Features: All the expected controls are in place and easy to access. Charging uses an included micro USB and I also like that the micro port on the earbuds has a sturdy cover. Most earbuds use a rubber one that tends to get loose after a while. Although you need to be careful because you could break this one off if you pull it to hard. They also provide voice prompts for various functions such as on/off and volume controls.

Overall: There is no doubt these will please anyone looking to go wireless with their earbuds. They offer everything you’d expect from Bluetooth earbuds and the sound quality is right up there with earbuds that cost $100 or more. We are very impressed with the level of detail and quality Lumsing put into these. They could have easily charged more.

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