An Affordable Ferrari You Can’t Drive

Gene Kupfer July 16, 2015 Comments Off on An Affordable Ferrari You Can’t Drive
An Affordable Ferrari You Can’t Drive

…But you can wear it. Oakley added a Ferrari model to their Madman line of sunglasses and they look pretty cool. They come in a single style with a dark carbon frame color and a polarized black iridium lens color.


Also included is a microbag. I’m a little surprised though. Given these are priced at the higher range as far as consumer sunglasses cost goes, I would expect a nice case to be included that also offers more protection.


You can check them out at this link.

They are priced at $500.00 and they offer free shipping and free returns.

I also found them on Amazon, but the description doesn’t mention Ferrari anywhere, so at first I thought they were from the standard Madman series, but I noticed the picture also has the Ferrari logo on the frame. So you could save some money and get these for $379.95. Check these out by clicking on this link.


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