Tiny Spectrometer for Cell Phones

Gene Kupfer July 13, 2015 Comments Off on Tiny Spectrometer for Cell Phones
Tiny Spectrometer for Cell Phones

I’m not a scientist, although I love science…who doesn’t right?! We came across an article on this new invention designed by Jie Bao, a physicist at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and his colleague Moungi Bawendi, a chemist at MIT. According to them they found an inexpensive way to build a spectrometer that is about the size of a quarter and can fit on a cell phone.

Spectrometers are used to test contents of light being emitted by objects and they are regularly in science and research, such as that of Nasa. Being that I’m a fan of science and not a scientist, there isn’t much more I can say about the technology. I thought it would be wroth a mention though, as this cool little gadget could one day find it’s way into consumer hands. I think there could be some really great applications for something like this. I can imagine an app that will inform people of the quality of the air around them, if the food in front of them is safe to eat. Were you mean to the food server at the restaurant? You shouldn’t have been, but hey it happens even if you don’t mean it. Not sure what they did to your food, no problem…Take out your phone and quickly analyze what’s in the plate. I’m sure there could be some really cool video game uses for this as well.

It will be cool to see if this does make it to consumer hands and my money is on yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day this type of technology is built into mobile devices.

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