Do You Want to Live in the Kaspersky Lab Future?

Gene Kupfer December 7, 2014 Comments Off on Do You Want to Live in the Kaspersky Lab Future?
Do You Want to Live in the Kaspersky Lab Future?

There was a time when computer security was black and white, you either had protection or you didn’t. Threats were minimal and were easy enough to defend against. It usually came down to a simple choice of using a disk or not, downloading from a website or not. But that was an internet lifetime ago. Year by year we’ve been seeing our privacy and security threatened at an exponential scale. The same technology that makes our lives easier, also makes it easier for the cyber criminals to access your personal data, your finances, your life.

Industry leader and cyber crime defender, Kaspersky Lab, continues to take significant steps forward by providing the strongest security on Android devices, earning top scores in independent AV tests, and winning Information Security Magazine Readers’ Choice Award. Kaspersky is not only looking at what is happening today, but asking “What will the future be like?” Kaspersky’s new video tells the story of where we are headed and how they are looking at the cyber crime of tomorrow, to address it today. I like the idea of being able to express the full power of my imagination, where my privacy is protected, cybercrime is thwarted, and we find a better way to use technology for good.

We didn’t get where we are today by accident, and more vendors should be focused on what we all want the future to look like. The future will be what we make of it, let’s make it something great.

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