iLoop – Most Exciting Phone Holder

Gene Kupfer December 5, 2014 Comments Off on iLoop – Most Exciting Phone Holder
iLoop – Most Exciting Phone Holder

Thank you Andrej for providing this write-up about your iLoop phone holder.

I would also like to mention to our readers that you can get more info about the iLoop and help back the project on Kickstarter. Click here to now to visit the Kickstarter project page.


iLoop is A’Design Awards winning elegant, minimalistic and multifunctional phone holder. Designed and developed by our team at PROVOCO.

More than that it can also be used as an effective stress reducer during stressful phone call or when you are over thinking or it can be used as hand grip for strengthening your fingers, palms and arms muscles.

Use iLoop with your smartphone and benefit from having phone held in upward position. Use it at home, in office, in gym, at school… Wherever, whenever, however.

iLoop is brainchild of Andrej Stanta, industrial designer and founder of design studio PROVOCO.  He came up with the idea of iLoop in late 2012 when playing around with some 20 years old handgrip dad gave him. Using video calls a lot he once insert his phone into the handgrip and voila.

Simplicity ,usefulness and minimalism were key points in designing iLoop – product and the brand.

iLoop is now finally here! Together with  (Tjasa Stanta, Bojan Semen,..) and support of family members they managed to bring iLoop life.

Technical Details

  •         Material: iLoop is made of 100% silicon, soft to touch and virtually indestructible.
  •         Size: 80x80x18mm
  •         fits most popular smartphones between 55mm and 72mm of width which is aprox. 2.16in and 2.83in.

Don’t forget to visit the iLoop Kickstarter project page to get more info and help back this very cool accessory. Click here to see iLoop on Kickstarter.


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