Wicked Lasers Fry The New iPads

Ed Steele March 22, 2012 Comments Off on Wicked Lasers Fry The New iPads
Wicked Lasers Fry The New iPads

Earlier this week I received an email about a drop test video for the iPad 2 and The New iPad.

Bottom line is, drop stuff with Apple Care or another warranty from somewhere because dropping electronics on the ground typically smashes them wide open and renders them unusable. Duh.

Then, out of nowhere this video from Wicked Lasers appears demonstrating new and inventive ways to destroy The New iPad:

Until zombies become a real thing, I propose all product durability videos involve 1000 mW blue laser beams from this day forward. Then, when we have zombies we can wrap iPads in raw Porterhouse steaks and see how well they fare. All in favor?

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