Lytro Light Field Camera Puts Every Picture In Focus

Ed Steele October 20, 2011 Comments Off on Lytro Light Field Camera Puts Every Picture In Focus

Standard cameras capture a single plane of light. The Lytro Light Field Camera takes an unusual approach to photography by capturing 11 million light rays with its light field sensor – all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space. This eliminates the need for a focusing motor which also means no shutter delay. The result? Stunning photographs that can be refocused on any point in the picture. The Lytro has an 8x optical zoom, constant f/2 lens and comes in two models: 16GB for $499 and 8GB for $399. (More specs here) The technology in this innovative new camera fascinates me and like any new technology you’re paying a premium. It remains to be seen how competitors like Canon, Nikon, and Sony respond to Lytro’s awesome new innovation.

Meet the Lytro

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