“Dead Island” Trailer Controversy?

Ed Steele February 18, 2011 Comments Off on “Dead Island” Trailer Controversy?

Media outlets are catching wind of the trailer for the videogame “Dead Island” and some are branding it as “the most controversial trailer ever made.” No doubt you’ve seen this trailer already, both forwards and backwards and we thought we’d just weigh in with two comments:
1) If you’ve seen both LOST and the remake for “Dawn of the Dead” you know this has already been done before – the slow pan away from Jack’s eye in the opening episode of LOST, Dead Island is DUH, on an island and the zombie child Vivian from the opening of “Dawn of the Dead” which came out in 2004 and

2) If you don’t like zombie violence then DON’T WATCH A TRAILER FOR A VIDEOGAME ABOUT ZOMBIES, FOR PETE’S SAKE.
Cool trailer though.
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