TRON Legacy Razer Mouse Is The Best Mouse Of 2010

Ed Steele December 10, 2010 Comments Off on TRON Legacy Razer Mouse Is The Best Mouse Of 2010

TRON: Legacy Gaming Mouse By Razer
It’s not that this mouse was created by Razer, a company well-known for their gaming products, that makes it what we consider to be the best mouse of 2010. It’s not the braided seven foot long USB cable, or the “BZZZzzzTtt FOOOOOMMM” noise this mouse makes when you plug it in and it powers itself on, ready for action on the Game Grid. It’s not the ambidextrous design, the 5600DPI laser sensor, the blue tail light, or that it looks like it came straight out of the TRON universe and is right now sitting in all its glorious, glowing blue glory on my Razer gaming pad as I write this review. It is all of these things combined that make this the very best mouse, gaming or otherwise you could possibly hope to buy or receive as a present this year.

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