Taito USB Light Up Warning Labels

Ed Steele February 19, 2010 1

At first glance, these USB light up warming labels seem….silly. Why obstruct your USB port with a silly light up sign? Then we had a closer look at the available warnings:

  • On Air (written in english)
  • Fasten your seat belt (logo)
  • SOS
  • Operation in progress (written in japanese, red colour)
  • Do not use fire (written in japanese & english)
  • Empty bus (written in japanese, white colour and blue words)
  • It’s Warm (written in japanese)
  • Safety first (written in japanese, yellow colour)
  • No smoking (written in japanese and english, white colour)
  • Exit (written in japanese and english, green colour)

Yep, still silly. Although the “On Air” one might not be so bad.

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