Pre-Order To Buy Zune HD

Ed Steele June 4, 2009 Comments Off on Pre-Order To Buy Zune HD

Are you excited about the new Zune HD from Microsoft with its bright 3.3 inch 16:9 480×272 resolution OLED multitouch touchscreen with 720 HD video output, Internet browser, Xbox Live integration and HD radio receiver? We are – as a matter of fact we’ve been checking for pre-order status on Amazon like little Zune obsessed ferrets on too much Red Bull since the day it was announced. Hey look at that, there’s a “sign up for more info” page on Amazon! Mmmm, Zune HD.
Pre-order or buy Zune HD
Update: Well, there was a Zune HD information page on Amazon as of late last night/early this morning. It’s now vanished (into the Land of the Lost no doubt) so we’ll remove our Zune HD link to Amazon for now, and put it back when they do.
2nd Update: Rejoice, the Amazon link for Zune HD has resurfaced.

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