Buy OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Kid’s Laptop, Run Fedora Linux

Ed Steele November 17, 2008 Comments Off on Buy OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Kid’s Laptop, Run Fedora Linux

On Amazon $399 will get you an OLPC just like the ones being used to help educate kids in impoverished nations. Since the OLPC is really only $199, your $399 actually buys two OLPC’s: one for you and one that is donated to a kid somewhere. Altruistic reasons aside, why would you want an OLPC? Because on top of being a good way to entertain your kids it has wireless, webcam that takes video and stills and a built-in web browser. It’s also hella durable and best of all you can run Fedora Linux on the OLPC via the SD card slot! Full OLPC specs after the jump.
One Laptop per Child XO Laptop (Give a Laptop, Get a Laptop)
Fedora 10 on SD Card for the OLPC XO Laptop

– Wireless Antennae ears
– Microphone
– Speakers
– Webcam
– 3 USB memory ports
– SD memory slot
– Game controller
XO comes pre-loaded with free and open-source software.
– Music editing
– Drawing
– Writing – Recoding (includes audio, images and video)
– Basic computer programming
– A simple web browser
– Distance and sound wave measuring

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