Pre Order Zune 120 GB

Ed Steele September 9, 2008 Comments Off on Pre Order Zune 120 GB

With Wal-mart dropping the Zune 80GB from their inventory and rumors of a 120GB Zune being just around the corner, some opportunistic sellers on Amazon have decided to jack up their prices for their remaining 80GB Zune players. Maybe we’re wrong but if memory serves don’t the prices for older hardware drop as the newer versions become available? Apparently not, as we’ve watched the current going price for the Zune 80GB rise from $250 to a whopping $499 as of this posting. We hope everyone out there knows that paying more than the listed retail of $250 for a hard drive Zune player right now is sheer lunacy. We suggest you consider pre-ordering the 120GB Zune for $250 instead. Amazon lists the new Zune’s street date as September 12th!
Zune 80GB on Amazon for $499
Zune 120GB on Amazon for $250

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