Solar Cycle 24, No Sunspots, Ice Age?

Ed Steele June 12, 2008 Comments Off on Solar Cycle 24, No Sunspots, Ice Age?


According to NASA
, Solar Cycle 24 started on January 4, 2008 and is scheduled to reach its Solar Max sometime in 2011 or 2012. However, solar physicists are currently observing a complete lack of sunspots on the sun, as in totally gone. (We suspect the sunspots and the missing bees are all secretly waiting in line for the midnight launch of MGS4.)
Roughly 100 scientists gathered recently at the international solar conference at Montana State University to discuss the total lack of sunspots, which has been going on for the past few years:

In the past, they observed that the sun once went 50 years without producing sunspots. That period coincided with a little ice age on Earth that lasted from 1650 to 1700. Coincidence? Some scientists say it was, but many worry that it wasn’t.

Could this have anything to do with the recent Army announcement that the entire solar system is heating up, and possibly we are not responsible for global warming after all?
While all of this talk of Ice Ages and climate change may seem alarming, we’re not worried. We know that Danny Boyle has assembled a crack team of astro-super-scientists to tackle the problem head on.

Wait a minute, that was just a movie? Oh crap.
Daily Galaxy

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