Electronic Venus Fly Trap Toy Traps Flies For Young Bug Catchers

Ed Steele June 12, 2008 1

Summit Financial Group (whose name does not immediately bring cool toys to mind) has created a very cool toy in the way of this electronic venus flytrap. A motion activated sensor detects when a bug has entered the chamber, and snaps the mouth shut allowing for your insect detainees to be transferred to the Bug Habitat sold seperately or the Extreme Bug Vaccum. Far less hassle than growing and raising a real Venus Fly Trap – just ask Johhny Fever.
Electronic Venus Fly Trap | Amazon

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  1. angellica March 28, 2009 at 11:12 pm -

    On your electronic venus fly trap I was wondering how much it is??? and how are the bugs attracted to it so thay go in???
    Just Wondering?