Maxtor BlackArmor USB Hard Drive Has AES Encryption Built-In

Ed Steele June 9, 2008 1

How do you carry your data with you? USB drive we’re assuming, right? Are you using any sort of drive encryption? The Maxtor BlackArmor external USB drive with full disc 128-bit AES encryption holds 160GB of your music, movies, and documents and if lost your data cannot be unlocked, even by a professional recovery service. The drive works in two modes, “host” and “traveler” and while in host mode can be securely erased to reuse. While in traveller mode (i.e. in use on any other PC but your own) the drive cannot be re-purposed, making it virtually worthless to the thieves who lifted it.
Pretty impressive features we think. Insert token sarcastic “why aren’t you securing your employee’s data this way?” remark here.
Maxtor BlackArmor

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  1. BW October 1, 2009 at 2:26 pm -

    Looks cool. Too bad it only supports Windows OS and not Mac OS.