GadgetMadness Turns Five

Ed Steele June 6, 2008 Comments Off on GadgetMadness Turns Five

Bennett Robot Works
Oh hey, we almost forgot to mention that GadgetMadness turned five last month – that’s like what, 35 in blog years? During that time we’ve tried to push the envelope on what gadget reviews can be while at the same time trying to look future forward at where gadgets are going. We’ve also focused on the cool electronic gizmos you can purchase today as soon as they come out, assuming that like us concept designs only frustrate and annoy you. (Maybe we need to rethink that position.) So what was our very first post about? Combining a wireless camera system with a remote control rocket launcher – something we’d still play with today!
Our sincerest thanks to you, our readers for your readership and support, even during the times when posts were thin. You’re the best!

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