Folding@home Team 55267 PS3 Update

Ed Steele June 3, 2008 Comments Off on Folding@home Team 55267 PS3 Update

We just wanted to give a shout out to our Folding@home teammates who’ve helped rank Team GadgetMadness number 1466 of 124206. Our shout goes out to BRADICAL, FOURTWENTY_PLOEG, Rosen, Ruan, PS3, SPARTANT, whodack, fastkiller305, FlyingFudge, BobsPS3 and the rest who’ve made our rag-tag team a force to be contended with in the F@H Universe!
While the PS3 is by far the superior machine to run F@H on, PC, Mac, & Linux users can also run the client and join our team. Please help us get Team GadgetMadness to rank even higher!
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