Conan the Barbarian Combat Ready Atlantean Sword Recreation

Ed Steele May 27, 2008 Comments Off on Conan the Barbarian Combat Ready Atlantean Sword Recreation

Cosplay replicas are one thing. Actual BATTLE READY re-creations are another. Nothing else says “STEEL IS STRENGTH!” like this Conan the Barbarian recreation made under the direction of master swordmaker Jody Samson, the guy who made the original swords for the Conan movies. One thing sets this sword apart from the film props however – this one is made of fully sharpened & heat treated 1075 carbon steel, making it a fully functioning combat-ready weapon!
Only two of these custom-made weapons are left, and no more will be made after that. Which really sucks, because this is exactly the type of thing everyone should keep ready in their “Break In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse” emergency kit.
Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword
Conan the Barbarian Father’s Sword

On a related note, “Age of Conan” is one of the fastest selling PC games of all time. Sweet! Source

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