Review: Battle Wheels RC Toy Robots

Ed Steele November 6, 2007 5

Sometimes words just can’t do justice to demonstrate how much fun a toy is. Such is the case with Johnny Lightning’s Battle Wheels remote control battle robots. These remote control robots operate under a very simple premise: beat the snot out of each other, and knock your opponents head off to win! If you can’t wait to know what we thought about these awesome robots of RC destruction, our list of pro’s and con’s is after the jump.
(Video music provided by Skipshot)


  • Fast and responsive remote control.
  • Customizable weapons and armor.
  • Very good battery life.
  • Fun and easy to control.
  • Multiple frequency settings for all-out battle mayhem!


  • Robots continue working after head pops off.
  • No controls for arm or weapon movements.
  • Cannot right themselves when knocked over.
  • Could use extra LED lights either in eyes or armor.


Johnny Lightning must be an awesome guy with a name like “Mr. Lightning!” We had a great time with our Battle Wheels Vul, Kagu, and Tyr and we think they’ll be one of the hot toys this Christmas. Battle Wheels are GadgetMadness Approved.

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