UB Funkeys USB

Ed Steele October 3, 2007 1

The USB UBFunkey Starter Set launches you into the world of Terrapinia (aka “Funkeytown” – won’t you take me to?) and once there you are well on your way down a road of collectible insanity. The large USB-friendly Funkey connected to your PC acts as a hub that you can connect new UBFunkeys to. These Funkeys unlock new games, puzzles, and zones to explore. Earn coins by winning games that you can use to customize your Funkeys crib which can be uploaded and shared with others.
If the collectible factor wasn’t already high enough, there are certain UBFunkeys (like “Bones” shown above) that are super rare and hard to find, and unlock crucial zones you won’t get into otherwise.
During my gadget hunts I’ve noticed bare shelves in the toy area where UBFunkeys should be. Either there is a serious supply problem or these new toys are flying off the shelves faster than they can be restocked.

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  1. brolin August 25, 2008 at 3:47 pm -

    i have 23 funkeys and yes i dont know what i would do if i did not have any