Grow Plants At Your Desk With The Brando USB Greenhouse

Ed Steele September 19, 2007 Comments Off on Grow Plants At Your Desk With The Brando USB Greenhouse

Do you kill plants? I only ask this because I’ve never been able to grow any type of plant, and word’s gotten around. On the rare occasions I’m in a plant nursery the hushed whispers from the frightened plants is almost deafening.
Brando’s got the USB solution for people like me, and they simply call it the “USB Greenhouse.” This USB-powered case uses a growth light to stimulate plants into living (you know, instead of dying) and also monitors moisture to remind you when your little plant friend needs watering. Comes with software, Marigold seeds, and artificial soil.
I was just about to close up this post, and all of a sudden a realization hit me like a bag of potting soil. I bet the Venus Flytrap Kit from would grow really well with the USB Greenhouse. I may have to try my hand at growing plants again!

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