Vudu HDMI Movie Box – 5000 Movies On Demand

Ed Steele September 18, 2007 Comments Off on Vudu HDMI Movie Box – 5000 Movies On Demand

Vudu HDMI Hi Def Movie Box
Vudu gives you instant access to over 5000 movies with no subscription or access fees. With a 2.0Mbps Internet connection you can instantly rent and stream films from 99¢ to $3.99 or purchase them outright from $4.99 to $19.99. Two USB ports give you options for future external storage. The product specs don’t come out and say what size hard disk is in the Vudu, but that it will hold up to 100 hours of movies.
For those of you who already have an on-demand service with your cable provider or an Apple TV, you might be scratching your head like we are. Why pay $399 for a piece of hardware when you can stream HD content already for much less? Still, we like the inherent concept of Vudu and look forward to what the future lies for this new product.

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