Laser Combat Remote Control Cars (aka “Twisted Metal” RC)

Ed Steele September 18, 2007 Comments Off on Laser Combat Remote Control Cars (aka “Twisted Metal” RC)

Ah, Twisted Metal Black. One of the best games released for the Playstation 2, and now you can re-enact your favorite car combat moments with these new infrared Laser Combat Cars from Hammacher. While these cars have no option for online play, what they do have is an artificial intelligence AI mode where one player can battle the microprocessor controlled car. The cars’ lasers have unlimited fire, 10 hits and you’re out. Even better, with the touch of a button your car is protected with an “invisible shield” for five seconds. (Right, Right, Down, Down!)
These could be the coolest RC cars ever made. The cars themselves use six AA batteries, and each remote uses one 9-volt.

via SciFi

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