Dear Green Lasers, What Makes You Green Inside?

Ed Steele September 13, 2007 Comments Off on Dear Green Lasers, What Makes You Green Inside?

The following message has just been sent via the GadgetMadness contact form:

Name: matt
I’m doing a science fair experiment and i was wondering what kind of gas is in a green laser. please e-mail me back soon because i really need to know!

Dear Matt,
Relying on a gadget blog that uses “gadgets” and “madness” as their motto for your homework can be tricky and difficult. We might tell you the truth, or we just might tell you that green lasers are filled with magic fairy dust and the Hulk’s underpants.
The best way to get your homework done is by reading books at a library. Course we never actually went to the library to read books either, so we suggest you try this link:
Your other option would be to order a couple from ThinkGeek and open them up and look inside for fairy dust.

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