Apple News Roundup: New iPod Touch, iPod Nano “Fatty”, iPod Classic

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Apple News Roundup: New iPod Touch, iPod Nano Fatty, iPod Classic
Surely by now you’ve heard the ruckus over the new iPods announced by Apple yesterday. In case you haven’t, here’s a nice roundup of what’s new in the iPod Universe:
iPod Touch
The iPod Touch is the iPhone sans phone. Coming in two sizes (8GB and 16GB) this flash-based audio/video player also sports Wi-Fi allowing you to surf the web, watch videos on YouTube, and sync your all your iTunes content. It also has a calendar and your contacts, making it the perfect combination of iPod/wireless gizmo/PDA. 8GB is priced at $299, 16GB at $399.
iPod Touch

iPod Nano “Fatty”
The newly redesigned iPod Nano looks like an iPod video smushed wide and dipped in pretty colors. Now you can watch videos on your Nano on the bright 320×240 screen, although 4GB and 8GB might be a little tight for storage. Pricing on the Nano is a little wonky in my opinion, the 4GB is $149 and the 8GB is $199. Why bother with the 4GB when double the storage is only $50 more?
iPod Nano

Big news here is Apple just made all the early adopters who snapped up the iPhone look kinda foolish by dropping the price of the iPhone significantly. The 4GB iPhone is $299 and the 8GB iPhone is now $399.

iPod Classic
For those of you who have to have every single item in your iTunes synced with your iPod, Apple has bumped the storage of the iPod video and given it a sleeker redesign. The iPod Classic 80GB will run you $249 and the 160GB is $349. Again, pricing seems wonky to me here – double the storage for only $100? That’s a no brainer.
iPod Classic

iPod Nano Red
Lost in the wild rumpus of so many new products is the new red iPod Nano. Basically the big news here is that it’s red.
iPod Nano Red

iTunes Wi-fi Store
Makes perfect sense that you should be able to purchase songs directly from your iPod. With the new iTunes Wi-Fi store you’ll soon be able to, and then sync your content back to your PC or Mac after purchase. I have to add my own two cents here – Sony really missed the boat on this. If the PSP had been released with a decent amount of storage and Sony had anything like iTunes, the PSP would be the defacto device instead of the iPod Touch for purchasing audio and video over the wire.
iPod Wi-Fi Store

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