Top Five PSP Accessories You Can’t Have

Ed Steele August 29, 2007 1

It seems to us that Sony likes to tease us PSP owners. “Look! Over here! See this pretty shiny thing we only sell in Japan? You can’t have it for your PSP, but the Japanese can!” Today we take a look at the “Top Five PSP Accessories You Can’t Have” because they aren’t for sale here in the US.

#5 – PSP Neck Strap (elegant line)
The PSP Neck Strap is very well constructed, has a reflective surface, and is the perfect length to keep your PSP slung round your neck or shoulder for easy access.
Why can’t you have this? Sony discontinued the PSP Neck Strap, which is a shame really. I managed to track one of these down on clearance at an import shop and I love it.
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#4 – PSP Talkman Microphone & Translator
The PSP Talkman is an external microphone with translation software that lets you speak words or phrases to your PSP and it translates to the language you’ve selected.
Why can’t you have this? Actually, you can use the Talkman on your US PSP. Reviews on the PSP Talkman are iffy though, stating the microphone is useless when any background noise is present. So while you could import the Talkman, you probably don’t want it.
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#3 – PSP GPS Receiver
The PSP GPS lets you pinpoint your current location using global positioning satellites. Sweet!
Why can’t you have this? The PSP GPS works just fine in Japan, however to use it here in the US you’d need to load custom firmware and a homebrew application called MapIt – no thanks.
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#2 – PSP Camera (Chotto Shot)
The Chotto Shot bundle comes with the PSP Camera and editing software that is entirely in Japanese and not easy to use unless you read Japanese. You may have noticed there is a “Camera” option on the PSP XMB however…
Why can’t you have this? Actually, you can import the PSP Camera from Play-Asia and it works just fine on your US PSP! I personally own this camera and love it, it takes great photos at 1.2 MP and shoots awesome quality video in AVI format.
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#1 – PSP Digital TV Tuner
As an entertainment handheld, the PSP screams for watching live television on its beautiful vibrant screen.
Why can’t you have this? For one it’s not out yet, for another it will only work on the new PSP Slim 2000 model, and the final nail in the coffin – it’s only compatible with the digital signal sent over the air in Japan.
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Oh Sony, when will you ever learn? Those of us who own and love the PSP here in the United States would also love to own and love these awesome accessories! Maybe you’re just being coy and you plan to pack all the features these accessories add to the PSP directly in the the PSP 2.0? We can only hope – Sony seems to have no plans whatsoever on bringing these accessories stateside anytime soon.

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