To Zune, Or Not To Zune?

Ed Steele August 17, 2007 Comments Off on To Zune, Or Not To Zune?

If you’re tired of the dreary old iPod interface and you’re looking for something different in your portable media player, you might want to take another look at Zune. I picked up the Halo 3 Special Edition Zune this week and to be honest I’m more in love with the thing than I thought I’d be. The FM tuner works spot on, the Zune software hasn’t given me any problems, and the pre-loaded Halo 3 content is to die for. The screen is also larger than the iPod’s for watching videos and you can sync your photos and set your background to any photo you like (*gasp*).
The other big bonus right now is that from where I’ve been shopping the Zune player & accessories are being heavily discounted. I picked up the Home AV kit for only $30, and it normally retails for $100. I also snagged a car charger for $9 and the Zune gear bag for $10. Does this mean Microsoft is giving up and dumping the Zune? Nope, they have a Zune plan for 2008 already in motion. Microsoft currently has about 10-12% of the hard disk player market with around 1.2 million units sold. Much like they did with the original Xbox, it appears Microsoft plans to “spend” as much as it takes to make the Zune succeed.
Worried about what you’ll do with all your iTunes songs? Apparently (and I haven’t tried this yet, so “caveat emptor”) all you need is MusicBridge and MuvAudio2 to be able to transfer your iTunes music to Zune. If 30GB isn’t enough space for you ZuneScene has a DIY hack to upgrade your Zune to 80GB.
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