Apexplorer Jungle Action Figure by Winson Ma

Ed Steele April 13, 2007 Comments Off on Apexplorer Jungle Action Figure by Winson Ma


Assigned to Earth by a remote Simian government from another galaxy, the Apexplorers are planet Earth’s last chance for self-preservation.

Apexplorer is the creation of Winson Ma and was produced in collaboration with Canon, so in addition to his amazing kit of exploration gear he also comes with a tiny Canon EOS camera. I’ve always had a soft spot for anything remotely “Planet of the Apes” related, and Apexplorer seems like a futuristic and slightly pissed off version of Gaius to me. (He’s also priced out of this world – for the true collector only.)
Apexplorer with Tiny Canon EOS from Kid Robot

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