Sony Card + GameStop Trade In = $399 60GB Playstation3

Ed Steele April 12, 2007 Comments Off on Sony Card + GameStop Trade In = $399 60GB Playstation3

My local GameStop is offering $100 off the PS3 when you trade in:
1) PS2 System with Controller
2) PS2 Memory Card (any brand)
3) A 2nd Sony PS2 Controller
So I got to thinking – with the current Sony Card promotion offering $100 credit after your first Sony purchase, one could:
1) Apply for the Sony Card.
2) Get Sony Card in the mail.
3) Trade in PS2 at GameStop to get $100 off purchase of PS3.
4) Pay for Playstation3 with Sony Card.
5) Get PS3 for $399.
I don’t have the high profile contacts at GameStop to confirm that all locations are offering the trade-in deal, but it’s worth looking into if you are thinking about getting a PS3.
Sony Card Promotion – $100 Credit After First Sony Purchase

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