Review: Snuggle Pals Snuggle Puppy Kitty

Ed Steele April 9, 2007 Comments Off on Review: Snuggle Pals Snuggle Puppy Kitty

If you happened to catch my recent “ninja kitten” video, you may know that I’ve adopted a new ninja. He was only 8 weeks old when he left the kitten ninja mountaintop, and even though he’s a certified killer he still has basic needs like warmth and the sound of his mother’s heartbeat. That’s where the Snuggle Pals Snuggle Puppy comes in.
If you have adopted a new kitten or puppy ninja, I can’t recommend the Snuggle Pals enough. The included heat packs provide excellent warmth and the “thumping heart” gives an excellent sense of peace and security to your cold-hearted killer. One thing you should know is that the batteries run out rather quickly, so be prepared to raid your local drugstore for watch batteries on a regular basis. Made by Chilson Roth, available on

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