The Most Expensive Monitor Setup 2007

Ed Steele April 6, 2007 Comments Off on The Most Expensive Monitor Setup 2007

So you’ve considered the most expensive Apple desktop and the most expensive PC desktop money can buy, but to be honest both seem to fall flat in the monitor department. That’s where CineMassive steps in. The MasterPlex 24t sports a primary Center panel with 24″ workspace and large 1920×1200 resolution, secondary 21.3″ wing panels that deliver 1600×1200 pixels each, and tertiary top row of 19″ panels that deliver 1280×1024 pixels each. That’s a total of 11,386,880 active pixels across seven LCD panels! How much will this setup cost you? $6499, but it isn’t even their most expensive display configuration.

The MasterPlex 30D is $7499 and has a primary center panel with a ultra-premium 30″ workspace and 2560×1600 resolution, 20.1″ perimeter LCD screens with 1600×1200 resolution and secondary wing panels for a total of 7,942,000 active pixels.
It’s not often a tipster leaves me speechless. Thanks for the tip, Robert!

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