Playstation Store Better Than iTunes Store?

Ed Steele March 29, 2007 Comments Off on Playstation Store Better Than iTunes Store?

Now that’s a bold statement. But here’s a fact – you can re-download purchases you’ve made from the Playstation Store in the event your PS3 hard drive fails, or you do something stupid like I did and format your PS3 drive without making a proper backup first. Last time I checked the Apple iTunes Store warns you to make a backup because if you lose your purchases you are S.O.L. – not so with the PS Store. Video shows all. (I’m not out the $28 bucks for Tekken 5 and Flow I thought I was.)
I’m not going to argue that iTunes has a HECK of a lot more content “to the power of infinity” out there for purchase and download. But you can’t re-download your purchases from iTunes, and that has always irked me. Nice job on this one, Sony.
UPDATE: Well, when you take a few months off you miss some things. Apparently Apple does let you download your purchases again once. So now I’m going to have to reformat my PS3 again and see if I can download my purchases a second time, just to see. Stay tuned.
UPDATE II: Okay, I reformatted my PS3 system and started downloading all my purchased content a second time. I read somewhere that you would only be able to queue 6 items for background downloading, but I have 13 items queued up just fine. Anyway, I was able to successfully re-download Flow and Tekken 5 and install them a second time without any problem. Now let’s hope that Sony extends this to other content in the Playstation store in the future.

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