Folding@Home Update: PS3 Owns

Ed Steele March 26, 2007 Comments Off on Folding@Home Update: PS3 Owns

There are some things that never seem to change: the sky is blue, water is wet, and Sony executives say the silliest things. The other thing that doesn’t seem to change is the power of Playstation. When the original Playstation came out, Battle Arena Toshinden took the world by surprise. Later Sony released the “Playstation Analyzer” to developers and the games got better and better looking as they took advantage of the hardware – just compare how good the original Metal Gear looks to Toshinden.
Then came the Playstation 2, same story. Launch games like Ridge Racer had funky scan lines and Summoner was full of pop up – later PS2 games not so much.
The Playstation3 launch games look good, some better than others. There are a zillion graphical comparisons out there, but bottom line is most games on the PS3 aren’t bad looking. My opinion (take it for what you will) is that Folding@Home is just a taste of PS3 power to come. The statistics on Folding@Home prove that the power is under the hood.
Sony, please give the developers the PS3 tools and libraries they need to make games that really knock our socks off. When that happens we’ll be too mesmerized to pay attention to what your executives are saying.
Folding@Home Live CPU Statistics

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