Sony GPS-CS1 – It Knows Where Your Camera’s Been

Ed Steele September 28, 2006 Comments Off on Sony GPS-CS1 – It Knows Where Your Camera’s Been

This Sony “spy gadget” was released about a week ago. The Sony GPS-CS1 works almost like a TrackStick GPS Data Logger but it also integrates with your Sony digital camera or video camera via software to map out where you’ve been taking pictures using matching timestamps. The GPS-CS1 has 32MB of memory, which stores about a months worth of GPS data. The real puzzler here is the battery life – the Sony GPS-CS1 runs for 10-14 hours, while the TrackStick can run for 5-7 days? I’d be more interested in the GPS-CS1 if it had better battery life…for those who travel with their Sony camera being able to map out your trip might be nice, but for “Mr. Secret Agent Man” the TrackStick is still the best option.
Sony GPS-CS1 GPS Device for CyberShot Digital Cameras

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